Do you have a rough history with standardized tests?

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Are you anxious about standardized testing and college admissions?

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Is a weakness in one specific subject area holding you back?

Most test prep options may not be helpful to you. Most tutoring approaches only show you what is on the ACT, tips and tricks to help you get a few more questions right.

Beyond that, they expect you to just keep doing what you're doing.

If you're struggling with the ACT to the point where you're afraid of it, then it's time to try something different.

The ACT is a game! So why not treat it like one?

Seriously. Try this for a second.

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Instead of thinking about studying for a test you have to take, think about practicing a game you want to get better at.

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Instead of thinking about memorizing test material, think about learning the moves--learning how to play.

Our game teaches you simpler, more effective ways to approach-and nail-the English, Math, Reading and Science sections.

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And even more important, our game teaches you something you don't get from any other test prep option: how to use your mindset--your beliefs and emotions--to your advantage, instead of letting them get in your way.

Do you want to master the ACT game?